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A Well-Curated Life

With the turn of the year I’ve been considering the concept of the well-curated life. For most of my time on this earth, I have simply adapted to whatever was thrust upon me. Now that I have a little financial freedom and my life is more stable, I find the idea of a life that is built from things I value to be very attractive.

For me this starts with examining the physical environment and removing all the things that do not add joy or value to my everyday life. It’s a big task…truthfully…it never ends. The questioning, “What do I really need? What value will this thing add?” is constant, but the plus side is that I buy much less than I used to. I look for quality over a sale price, I look for things that will last over temporary fixes. And I do without.

I try to keep my needs small, but honest.

I look at what I value: reading, education, nature, my relationships with others, and try to increase time spent on those things by eliminating time-eaters. I curate my time.

It is very much a work in progress, but I find this mindful consideration to be helpful. I feel lighter when I let go of something I thought I had to have. I feel anchors dropping away. I save money. I enjoy my time more. I can focus on the things that really matter.

The idea that we can choose what we want in our lives and what we do not is a powerful one. It has limits (try to stop the rain, for example), but when it comes to man-made and some societal things, we have a lot of power to determine just what we want to allow to influence us, and what we do not.

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