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Chasing the Moon

I woke this morning and chased the full moon until it set. It went down in Wellington Ohio, a good sized town about 30 minutes from where I live.

I don’t know much about Wellington, so I did a little research this morning over coffee at the Bread-N-Brew cafe on S. Main Street. One piece of notable history is the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue that took place in 1858. A US Marshall was at the American House Hotel holding John Price, a runaway slave. That night, a group of men, both white and black, stormed the hotel and rescued Price before he could be returned to his master in Kentucky. Price was conveyed through the Underground Railroad into Canada. Thirty-seven men were accused, but only two were tried in Federal court.

Additionally, the artist Archibald Willard lived here and is buried in Greenwood cemetery. He’s the painter of the famous Spirit of ’76 painting that some will recognize. (

You can feel the history in the old buildings. Like many midwestern towns, there are too many empty storefronts for comfort, but the businesses that were open, lime Dmitri’s Corner, a family restaurant, seemed to be doing a good business. The school spirit was high, as evidenced by the many signs cheering on the local high school football team for their homecoming game.

These Sunday mornings are lovely for sitting and sipping coffee, reading and watching the world go by. Taking time for them is the best thing I do for myself all week long.

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