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In Which We Learn Something About Pork Rinds

Three words: pork rind flour.

I kid you not. This is a thing.

Pork rind flour. Artisanal.
My wife and I are going low-carb for the foreseeable future, and we love all things flour-based. Especially flour tortillas. Low-carb means all these things need to go.

Cat (my spouse, who will be called by name instead of referred to as a possession from here on) was doing some research, and came across a recipe for Almost Zero Carb Wraps. She was dubious, then she came across this line:

How can this be? How can these low carb tortillas be almost zero carb? They are made with pork rinds. Yep. Chicharones.

Now, my mother, a nurse, insisted that pork rinds were the work of Satan and that they should not be ingested at any time. Cat’s mother, also a nurse, is horrified by their existence. When we told her about the health food pork rinds we found, she didn’t stop laughing for almost two minutes.

As I write this. my beloved has measured out the four ounces of Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds (with the Snort-To-Tail Commitment) and run them in a food processor to make…wait for it…pork rind flour. With the help our trusty Kitchen-Aid, she combined all the ingredients into a batter which smells smoky and savory. Pour into a hot pan and fry until done.

Frying, it smells like McDonald’s.

Almost done
After they finish frying, you’re left with a light-but-durable pork rind and egg pancake. because there is no sugar in them, they don’t scorch if you leave them a touch too long. We surmise that the quality of the rinds has a lot to do with the excellent flavor they have…doing this with BBQ pork rinds from the 7-11 might not yield the same results.

After allowing one to cool, we try it. It’s pretty good, less like a tortilla and more like a savory crepe. Its folds and rolls nicely, and seems strong enough to hold a filling.  We’re going to use them to make tacos tonight.

For your reading pleasure: The Snout-To-Tail Commitment:

UPDATE: Amazon sells pork rind bread crumbs. For real

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