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On the road: Arlington VA

9:20am Brady’s Leap Rest Station, OH 

This place is empty on a Sunday morning. It’s got the nicest Starbucks I’ve ever seen. The gas station has been torn down, looks like they’re doing a renovation on it. I’d hate to be the guy who needed to fill up only to find out that the station was torn down.

Caffeine acquired. Back to the road. On my drive, I’m listening to The Jugger by Richard Stark. Ever since Patrick McLean turned me on the Stark, Parker has been one of my favorites. Still, it’s been a while. This drive gives me an opportunity to refresh my memory.
11:14am Oakmont Service Plaza, PA

Drive is pretty enjoyable. Driving through PA is usually a dream, scenic and pretty tranquil. At least until Breezewood, which I always marvel at. So many gas stations and restaurants where the I-70 takes a jog through town. It’s like a roadside attraction gone wild.
There’s a section of the turnpike where either some major storms have decimated the woods, or someone is clearcutting. If it’s logging, I can’t imagine why they left all the trees where they’d obviously fallen.
The Jugger is a lot of fun. The reader is good, but it a little distracting when he uses a Sean Connery impression to voice the police captain in the story.

Time to for a walk to stretch my legs, then its back to the road.


2:23p Burger King, MD

Stop off for a restroom break and lunch. Neither was worth it. People are animals.

Parker doesn’t have to put up with this crap.


6:40 PM, Arlington VA

Checked in a couple of hours ago to the Hampton Inn bt Reagan National Airport. I’m always stunned at the population and building density when I come to this area.

Part of my drive took me along the George Washington Parkway, which was gorgeous. So many trees in bloom. Also got a good look at Washington DC from across the Potomac. I have to admit, seeing the Washington monument and the Jefferson memories from across the water took my breath away.

I took a good walk this evening, finding my way to where my class will be help starting tomorrow, then finished a circuit around the block. Blue skies, full sun, 75 degrees…things I haven’t seen in a while.

Now dinner is at the door and I’m going to settle in for the night with a couple of beers and some Saag Paneer. Have a good night, y’all.

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