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Thoughts For The River Gods That Live Inside My Faucet

“You’re in the other room getting dressed for the day. Not for the day itself but for a moment of the day that requires you to be dressed. We are all so multi-faced when it comes to embarking upon a day. All the masks. We put them on and take them off almost without even realizing it. Perhaps if we were forced to hang them all up on hooks on our wall, we would realize what we do. We would see our wall filled with grotesque daily masks and be disgusted with our own fear. This is how I feel when I unzip my makeup bag. My mask laboratory. I hate that I need it but without it I don’t know the part I am supposed to play today.”

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I’d rather text than talk — Signal v. Noise — Medium

“Are we truly introverts or just socially and emotionally undeveloped? Here’s how I came to learn that truth about myself, how it’s changed the way I think about making software, and why if you make software Sherry Turkle’s “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age” is a must-read. If you’ve ever thought, “I’d rather text than talk”, this is for you.”

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Minimalism: Where It’s Been, Where It’s Going | Dru Pagliassotti

“Over the years, the minimalist lifestyle blogosphere has also engaged in healthy self-reflection, some of it occurring early but more kick-started by Everett Bogue’s infamous 2011 “Fuck Minimalism” post. Various writers, minimalist or not, have noted that obsessing about stuff is in itself a form of materialism, and that minimalism may be counterproductive for the creative. “

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The Radicalization of Luke Skywalker: A Jedi’s Path to Jihad | Decider | Where To Stream Movies

“A more focused study, however, is needed to truly understand that the Star Wars films are actually the story of the radicalization of Luke Skywalker. From introducing him to us in A New Hope (as a simple farm boy gazing into the Tatooine sunset), to his eventual transformation into the radicalized insurgent of Return of the Jedi (as one who sets his own father’s corpse on fire and celebrates the successful bombing of the Death Star), each film in the original trilogy is another step in Luke’s descent into terrorism. By carefully looking for the same signs governments and scholars use to detect radicalization, we can witness Luke’s dark journey into religious fundamentalism and extremism happen before our very eyes.”

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Dungeon Master, Part 1: The Making of

“After the first Ultima and Wizardry games debuted within months of one another in 1981, dizzying formal or technical leaps were few and far between in the realm of the CRPG for the next half-decade. Richard Garriott doggedly expanded on Ultima I‘s decidedly limited scope of possibility with each new iteration of his series, but never came close to abandoning the basic structure that made an Ultima an Ultima. In terms of technology and interface — theme and content were a different matter — the Ultima series was all evolution, not revolution; anyone who’s played any of Ultima II through Ultima V will immediately recognize Ultima I as an earlier, rougher swathe cut from the same cloth. Sir-Tech, meanwhile, did far less work than Garriott on their own defining classic Wizardry, content to simply pump out iteration after iteration of the same game.”

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