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Why’ve you been so quiet?

Curation. I didn’t have anything worthwhile to say, so I didn’t say anything.

And now you do?

Guess we’ll find out.

Are you still doing the Minimalism thing? 

Yep, but I stopped writing about it because I felt like I was mimicking people and regurgitating information that was already out there. Happy to talk about it if people want to hear it, but I look it as more of a personal thing than Being Part of A Movement.

How have you been filling your time?

When not working, I spend time with my kids and my wife. My wife (Catherine) and I love to make things, so cooking and home projects take up a good deal of our time and help us deal with the stress of living in this modern age. Full list activities in the last year would be: gardening, cooking, brewing beer, roasting coffee, and home fermenting. Trying to get back into a hiking routine as well.

Did you see that Podiobooks has changed?

I did, and I’m glad to see it evolving. I was pleased with the work the new team did to relaunch the site a few years ago, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes now that it is part of Scribl. I’ve spoken with Evo, and he’s happy, so I’m happy.

I’ll admit…it’s strange knowing that none of the code I’ve written exists anywhere on the Internet anymore. Dust in the wind, dude. All our code is dust in the wind.

Are you going to start a new podcast?

Not unless something is so awesome that I cannot deny it. My years in podcasting were fun, and I cherish the fact that I still speak to many of the friends I made during that period.  I feel like there’s a vibrant ecosystem of great content out there, and I don’t have very much to add at this time. I’d prefer to wrestle with the words on the page for now. I’ve been putting off making a practice of writing for decades. I’m changing that now.

Why are you getting back to writing now?

I like to make things. I love words. Making things out of words is one of the things that makes me the happiest. I’ve had issues with it for years, issues stemming from a lack of confidence and a brutal inner edit excellent at muzzling me. Recently, I married a woman who is supportive of my writing, and that frees me of the guilt I’ve felt for year

The big change is that  I married a woman who is supportive of my writing, and that frees me of the guilt I’ve felt for years about stealing time from my family to pursue my own creative work. That makes all the difference in the world.

Do you take requests?

You mean…like…would I write about something if someone asked?


Sure. it would depend on the subject, but sure. Drop me a line. Writing prompts always welcome.

Is it easy to get back into the flow of writing every day?

No. This is hard. I couldn’t think of anything to write this morning so I’m doing a Q&A with myself. But I’m making words flow. That’s the goal, and today I met it.

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