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  1. Affogato
  2. The Tahitian Room of the Davies Basement
  3. Rocks
  4. All Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge
  5. You Work With People
  6. The Dishonest Library
  7. The Nothing Under The Bed
  8. Five Years Later
  9. Something Old, Something New
  10. Notes To Myself As A Young Manager

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    "Todd," she shouted has he dropped through the floor. She fell to her hands and knees and, carefully, crawled closer ...
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    The Public Playground

    I started writing the thing I'm calling Legacy last week, and a few people told me they wanted more. So ...
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    Breaking and Entering

    He followed her. She cleared the way, swinging the crowbar side to side, beating the grass back. They found the ...
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    West of House

    “This is it?” he asked. She nodded. “Yeah. The place has been here for almost a hundred years, but the ...
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    Not Quite Peter Parker

    I'm not going to lie...I missed a few entries this weekend. I'm not sure that the 100 Days of Words ...
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    They Met In a Dream

    He closed his eyes, and he dreamed. He saw her again, just like last night, next to the fountain, beneath ...
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    A Short Poem On The Next Morning

    Beer doesn't like me as much as I like it. Five cups of coffee was a good and necessary start ...
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    6am, Hotel Buffet

    I rise too early To eat before the children Oh, god, here they come ...
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    The Running

    I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to watch the running of the dinosaurs. I'm unclear on whether big ...
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    The Tahitian Room of the Davies’ Basement

    You had to pass through nearly every major room in the house to get to it. Through the foyer, past ...
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