Chris Miller


Hey there! Thanks for visiting.

It’s so hard to know what to say on these things, but here we go.

I’m retired now, but when I had a career, I was a web developer. I got started in 1997 on a site called Bookstacks Unlimited, which was the first online bookstore. From there I moved into consulting, then startups, then a large corporation when I moved into management. I was a development manager for fifteen years.

Back in 2005 as podcasting became A Thing, I worked with Evo Terra and Tee Morris to found I wrote the initial code in a weekend, then refined it for a few years before handing off the project to a group of great devs. I also hosted a number of podcasts you’ve never heard of before.

I have a great fondness for role-playing games, especially D&D and Savage Worlds. Worldbuilding/running games is one of my core hobbies.

I also run a little side thing called Chris’s Pretty Good Coffee. I roast in small batches for friends and select clientele.

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