Chris Miller

Unsubscribe Day

Public Service Announcement: Friday is Unsubscribe Day! Huzzah!

On (and the week leading up to) Black Friday, marketers that desperately want you to buy stuff, many you could not give a shit about, will bombard your mailbox with offers. This is a tremendous opportunity to clear out all these unwanted bottom-feeders in one swell foop. UNSUBSCRIBE! UNSUBSCRIBE!

In our house, we started this a few years ago, and our email boxes are happier for it. You’ll get all of these emails all at once, and while you scan them, unsubscribe to the ones that have no value to you.

Watching the game? UNSUBSCRIBE!

Chilling before leftovers? UNSUBSCRIBE!


P.S: There is a second piece to this: some of your favorite independent creators will reach out to you as well. Go buy stuff from them. Put your money where your heart is.

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