Chris Miller

A Light at the End of my Goblin Mode Tunnel

Hello friends.

Well…I think I’ve ridden this goblin mode thing about as long as I can. From March 2020 to November 2022, I lived the dream: working from home, then quitting my job and taking a year off to recover from said job and figure out what was next. Living in sweatpants, not pushing myself too hard to accomplish much of anything.

It was great. I was very lucky that my wife was willing to support me while I healed up. But even resting gets old after a while. I took a new job, and started wearing real grown-up clothes again.

And that started the end of my goblin mode time. (I really became enamored with that term and image. It’s what I felt like.)

Now, I’m feeling the itch to write. So I’ll write. I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. I have things I love, and want to share thoughts on those things.

  2. I enjoy sharing words with folks, and maybe making them smile a bit. There is enough deadly serious stuff going on in the world. Sharing my trivial thoughts serves as a welcome diversion to y’all. I hope. I know writing is a good diversion for me, anyway.

I might podcast some of this in the same feed. We’ll see.

Welcome! Have a seat! More words to follow shortly.

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