Chris Miller

Give, Or Be Sad When They Are Gone

Now that I’m back to work, I’m making a point to pay people creating things I use/love. This isn’t a new thing, but having a second paycheck in the family allows me the freedom to get off of services that use me as the product (read: free service) and put my money where my values lie.

A few things that I’m supporting these days:

  • Fosstodon: This mastodon instance revitalized my level of engagement with the FOSS community, and for that, I shall always be grateful. I want to keep it alive. (Full disclosure, I am also a moderator there)
  • The Linux Experiment: Nick is just great. Three times a week he keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the Linux world and makes me smile while doing it. No mean feat.
  • Mastodon Development: The only way we a re ever going to take back out Internet is to bankroll development and maintenance of systems we use, so these folks don’t need to depend on VC money. Mastodon earns what I give it time and again.
  • Pop OS: I really enjoy using this flavor of Linux. The focus on keyboard operation and lack of distraction helps me get things done. I’m very excited to see what they are going to do next.
  • I can remember shelving Leo Laporte’s Internet Yellow Pages in 1992 at Borders Books and Music, along with the guides to Mosaic and the first O’Reilly books. I’ve been a listener to various podcasts from the network over the years. Given what Leo’s been saying about how Ad support is waning for independence podcasters, it seemed like time to give him some cash. I would be very sad if TWit went away.
  • WKSU: I’ve been having a love/hate thing with NPR at the moment, but my local station has always been rock solid.
  • Soma.FM: The best stations out there to soundtrack my day. I always hear new things.
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