Chris Miller

April is Ignore Rome Burning/Do Projects Month

I’m going to shift gears in April. The news is always a burden, I’m drowning in AI criticism/worship, the economy is tiresome, and politics…is politics. I need a break.

I’m declaring April as Project Month. I’m going to dive into a number of things that I’ve been putting off because I haven’t had the mental capacity to take them on. I’m hoping that functionally ignoring the world will help me feel a bit happier and give me some energy to do the things I want to do, as opposed to being told about all the awful things and feeling powerless to change them.

Things I’m excited about doing:

  • I’m going to attempt to write a short RPG that my wife will actually play.
  • Getting a draft of my Chronicles of Amber conversion for Savage Worlds finished
  • Getting a draft of my Dresden Files for Savage Worlds finished. (I have an active game already going for this, it would be nice to stop making up the rules as the game happens)
  • Teach myself to DJ a little (more on this later)
  • Playing around a bit with Inform 7 for text adventure games
  • Getting the garden ready for May
  • Continuing my little Infocom Art experiment
  • Learning about programming with types
  • Learning more about functional programming

Whew. That’s a bigger list than I expected. Wish me luck!

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