Chris Miller

Searching for Quiet Time

This past weekend, I embarked on a digital detox and went predominantly offline. It was an invigorating experience, a breath of fresh air. Over the past few months, I’ve recognized an increasing sense of dissatisfaction whenever I’ve found myself aimlessly surfing the web. It’s akin to that peculiar feeling you get when you’re craving a snack, yet nothing in your pantry seems to hit the right spot.

I’ve been pondering over why this may be, and I’ve realized that my relationship with the web has significantly shifted over time. It used to serve as a nourishing hub of information and connection, but of late, it seems like I’ve been trying to extract the same value from an altered digital landscape.

This month, I’ve decided to shift towards more asynchronous internet usage. I’ll be focusing more on RSS Feeds, consuming content at my own pace rather than being led by the constant push of information. As part of this change, I’ve also removed Mastodon from my phone. It’s not an indictment of the platform, but more a conscious step to distance myself from the relentless pursuit of real-time dopamine hits. I feel the need to reset and recalibrate my relationship with the digital world.

The social web, in many ways, reminds me of a local town square. It’s a bustling space for social interaction, dialogue, and news, but it’s not a place one resides in. We visit, engage, and then we retreat back into our own homes. Of late, I’ve noticed I’ve been spending an excessive amount of time in the metaphorical town square. While there’s no inherent harm in this, I’m beginning to yearn for a change.

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