Christopher T. Miller

Beyond The Problems


Every so often I realize how lucky I am.

When your job is (and has been) about solving problems, after a while all you see are the problems. Every inefficiency of the office, every time someone doesn’t yield to your well-reasoned argument, every time you watch the gears of your company grind away unaware that people get caught in the teeth of those cogs…you see the problems, and you feel powerless to change then.

If you’re lucky, something will puncture that habit and deflate it. You start to see the people themselves, not instead of the problems, but in addition to them, standing in the same space. Maybe they have a bad day and you can help them make it better. Maybe you’re the one going through the tough time, and they show empathy and compassion, breaking through the well-crafted walls of co-workerdom as humans remembering that they don’t want other humans to have a bad time of it.

I have been lucky in the past week, and my co-workers have been very support of my family and I. I work with good people.

You probably do too. Remind yourself of it, and you’ll realize that the problems, while real, aren’t the only things to pay attention to.

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