Christopher T. Miller

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Day Two


January second dawned well. Is there anything as hopeful as the first day of a new regimen?

As I write this I’ve finished my morning meditation and done the first yoga I’ve done in over a year. My body sounds like a bowl of Rice Krispies…snap, crackle, pop.

One of my rules for this new year is that if I know I should do something, I do it. I have a mild allergy to diary, so instead of subsisting on cheese, I go dairy free. I’m type 2 diabetic, so instead of eating all the stupid sugary treats people bring to the office (bastards) I go as sugar free as possible.

Punch line: after only 24 hours of this I already feel better. My blood sugar has dropped from 330 on 12/30 to 208 today. And I’m already down 5 punds (likely from inflammation).