Christopher T. Miller

The Workshop


I miss blogging.

Not the “promote your brand” blogging. Not the “build an audience” blogging. I miss the sort of blogging where people talked about their lives in a longer format. Where it was informal, you had nothing to prove – you were just sharing because it was a fun thing to do. I was having lunch with my friend and co-worker Bridget today, and she mentioned that she was restarting her own blog. I told her that I’d been kicking around doing the same thing. I was surprised to hear some very passionate things coming out of my mouth, and the more we talked, the more excited I got by the idea. I spent time last year moving my site from Wordpress to Jekyll, moving from self-hosting to Netlify. Adding this blog was trivial.

And here we are.

We should join a web ring or something.

This is informal. This isn’t the perfectly manicured front lawn – this is the workshop in the back. It’s the place with the table saw and the half-finished projects. It’s not pretty: it’s a perpetual work in progress. Pardon my dust. And don’t touch that…it’s sharp.

Hi. Welcome.

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