Chris Miller

Two Conferences, One Couch: Narrascope and PyOhio 2022


For once I’m grateful for virtual conferences. Understand, I get the utility of them in the age of Covid, but like many others I miss seeing people in person. This weekend the virtual thing worked out well for me because two that I wanted to attend happened on the same weekend. In the Before Times, I would have had to choose. Not so in this brave new world.

And so, coffee in hand, I attended Narrascope on my iPad, and PyOhio on my TV.

Narrascope is the annual conference put on by the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation Now in its third year, it is a conference for both gamers and professional how love varying styles of interactive fiction, ranging from early Adventure/Zork-style text games to modern visual novels and rich media experiences. This was my first year attending.

PyOhio is a free conference for Python amateurs and professional who gather, usually at the Ohio Stare Unviversity, to hear talks , network, and generally converse with other enthusiasts. This was my fourth time attending.

A screenshot of the virtual lecture hall for Narrascope.
A screenshot of the virtual lecture hall for Narrascope.

Notes on Narrascope

Notes on PyOhio

Both conferences have given me a lot to think about and more than a few things to tinker with. Maybe I’ll write about some of them here. :)