Christmas in the ER

I’ve filled my 2020 bingo card. I spent a few hours in the ER last night.

Story begins on Wednesday when I noticed a bit of ear pain. Probably a low level infection, I thought, and contacted my doctor. Was told to use a sinus spray and see how it goes.

Thursday was worse. There was a lot more pain, but I started loading up on pain pills and figured I’d tough it out. Turns out that was the wrong move. By nightfall I was in excruciating pain. But by then no urgent care was open. I doped myself up as best I could and tried to sleep.

Thursday morning I drove into the Urgent care. They diagnosed me with an outer ear infection and prescribed some antibiotics. But nothing for the pain. Nothing at all. I must have looked like a madman driving to pick up the prescription; I was in so much pain I was screaming and sobbing as I drove. (Note: do not do this. I am an idiot)

Christmas Eve came along and with it, a call to my PCP. She called in ANOTHER antibiotic to the closest 24 hour pharmacy, but again, no pain meds. By this point, I was taking three extra strength Tylenol and four Advil every three hours just to keep from screaming. My saint of a wife brave the snowstorm and drove up to the pharmacy an hour away to get the meds.

Christmas morning was rough. No one in the house had slept. We made the best of it and had a quiet day with naps and movies and such until about 5pm, when the pain started again. I was feeling dizzy as well, and decided to take my BP. It was 216/125. Time to go to the ER.

Why did I wait so long before going in? Because I know the staff at that ERs are overworked, and this was no life-threatening...until it was. Cat and I were scared that I was going to stroke out. So we headed to the ER.

The nurses were great. They are awesome, and they tried to make me comfortable. The Physcicians assistant, however, tried to assert that my BP was fine (it wasn’t) and that my ear was fine (it wasn’t). At that point, we were pretty sure they were going to send me home without a thing to help. But sense prevailed: I received a CT scan and an X-ray (everything was fine) and some blessed pain meds to help me. I also got a stronger antibiotic. We were home my 7:30.

And so, last night I slept for 14 hours and work feeling better. I’ve got my new prescriptions, and other than the fact I cannot hear in my left ears right now, I’m doing ok. I’ll head in to an ENT doc this week and get this sorted.

Merry Christmas. God bless us, one and all.