Good morning, friends...

It's been a while, I know. Cat and I have been hunkered in our bunker during the pandemic, making calls out to civilization for Amazon packages, take out food, and the occasional Zoom call for gaming with friends. This weekend is our fourth wedding anniversary, and we're making an effort to detach from the usual foxhole mentality and spend time together without worrying about the election, work, or COVID.

Cat has been making art. She maintains that small projects with fixed scope help her feelings of depression and stress from ... well ... *gestures at 2020* all this. She's smarter and wiser than I am, and it's working for her.

For my part, I am working my way through the entirety of R.A. Salvatore's *Chronicles of Drizzt* series. I am on book 13 of...24? I think? Fantasy novels are a good way for me to detach from the world and regain a little sanity.

The other thing keeping me sane are the D&D games I'm in right now. Playing in two, running two others. One of the games I am playing in will be winding down and I'll be running *Rime of the Frostmaiden* for that group over the winter. (Good thing I'm reading those Drizzt book, you know?)

Work is. Then endless struggle to do good work while not letting the place eat all my time and my brain remains a challenge. The good news is that a project that I have been in charge of and working on for the last 418 days is finally complete. Big celebration over that one. Picking out a new web platform for a mid-sized company is not easy, but now I can say I've done it. RFI, RFP, negotiations...this was a lot of learning for me. Now we move on to the next part, implementation, where I am much more comfortable.

What else is new? Hmmm. Oh yes...I'm much less of an asshole when I don't drink caffeine. Life lesson, that. Learn from me, kids. Don't do drugs.

The picture attached to this entire is sunset over Mohican Lake in Perrysville OH. I need more sunsets in my life. Enjoy that one.