Hello World #3

Hello world,

It's been a minute. Here's what up in my little world:

  • The pandemic has been great for my gaming hobby. I'm in two D&D games, running two other D&D games, and am in a casual West Marches-style game of Pathfinder. And because there is nothing else on my social calendar, all of this is still manageable.
  • Speaking of gaming, I've been devoting more time to upping my Game Mastering skills. Been doing a bit of reading and honing my style. I was reminded by J.R. Blackwell on her D&D Dads podcast that GMing is an art and a craft, and therefore is with spending time to improve one's skills. The voices in my head are cruel things, and for years they had me convinced that spending time on hobbies was unproductive or worse, a waste of time all together. Well, other than work, I've got nothing but time these days, so the voices can just bugger off.
  • Taking a break and pulling back from Facebook and the news to protect my mental health. My feeds are filled with very well-meaning people screaming at the top of their lungs about all the injustices in the world, and while I do believe speaking out is important, I need a little break for my own thoughts. (Someone is going to point out that I'm exercising my privilege by even asserting that I can taker a break. I'll remind that well-meaning person that the Latin root of privilege means "private law." No, I'm not exercising private law. I'm engaging in self-care. Besides, I'm on your side here. Watch the friendly fire, would you please? The holier-than-thou is getting a little thick in here. Thanks.)
  • We've lost three of our five pets this year, and the house is eerily quiet now. We still tell the dog to be good when we leave out of habit, and the same habit compels us to say hello to her when we arrive home. The two cats persist and love having the run of the house. The humans...will get used to the new state eventually.
  • Plans continue to buy a tiny house. We're looking at a different model now, something more simple. We spoke our friends who own As You Wish Acres farm and they've agreed to let us put it there. Next steps include selling the house next summer, using the proceeds to put a big down payment on the tiny house, and move into a two-bedroom apartment/condo in Medina somewhere.
  • I'm going to get my office just the way I like it just in time to move. I'm certain of it.

That's about all for now. Let's be careful out there,