Hello World #5

Good morning, all. Couple of things to catch up on:

September is going to be Chris Confronts His Coping Mechanisms month.

Work has been pretty intense of late. When things get stressful, I inevitably fall back on my old frenemies Caffeine and Sugar. Then I find it hard to sleep, so I use sleep meds to fall asleep. But I have trouble waking up, so I...

You get the picture.

I'm at home, and I have few chances (if you ignore the convenience that is Doordash) to eat and drink poorly unless I make a choice to bring these things into the house. It's not like I'm in the office which festooned with snacks, candy, and working lunches. So in September I'm going to go caffeine-free and low-sugar.

People tell me that drinking water, exercising, and sleeping without meds makes it easier to wake and feel energetic in the morning. I vaguely remember that to be the case: this is not the first time I've done this. It's an old detox, and one that is usually very helpful. As age creeps up on me, the caffeine/sugar cycle is more harmful to me that before, and this might need to be a permanent detox.

I really like caffeine, especially coffee, you guys. I mean...it's my drug of choice. By my heart and brain get pretty strained when I'm on it, so I guess it's time to stop for a while. Eventually, I want to re-introduce a morning cuppa again, but keep it to one modest cup a day: a treat to be savored, not the necessary explosion to force my brain to wake up.

So while I'm looking forward to clearing my head and sleeping better, I'm gonna my my morning hit. I'll shift to ... decaf. (sigh)

September will also be A Post A Day month

I have a bad case of the Shoulds when it comes to writing things. I should be writing. I should be blogging. I should reanimate The Bindlesack. I should...etc...etc.

So this coming month I'm going to post every day, just to get myself into the habit. You are welcome to follow along.

I have no particular topic to cover other than Life. Guess we will see where it takes me.