I owe them much

When I look at the world around me, specifically the political nonsense of the last four years, I often find myself saying, “This is all what they warned us about! How can people not see this?”

Tonight, I remember why. Kris Johnson and I are rewatching the old V miniseries from the eighties. It holds up well, and I am more aware of this issues that they bring up: anti-science to promote ignorance and domination, control of the media, shades of Nazi influences.

But I was a child when I watched this. I was a child when I read my first Asimov, a teenager when I encountered Harlan Ellison . I read 1984. I read Animal Farm. My literary and media education what lined with all the lessons that allow me to recognize history repeating itself. I learned that education and questioning authority is everyone’s right, everyone’s duty.

I was a well-read nerd, taught by writers who saw evil, and used stories to teach me how to recognize it. This is the “they” I am forever indebted to.

And now, when I look around my community, I understand better how people don’t see it. They’re the people who didn’t have my education and the words of these writers. They ones who made fun of my bookish ways, who never heard the warnings. The ignorant, who see no threat because they think all this will benefit them. They don’t know how the worm will turn, because they do not know the stories.

It is a love/hate relationship I have with the human race. I am an elitist, and I feel that my responsibility is to drag the human race along with me — that I will never pander to, or speak down to, or play the safe game. Because my immortal soul will be lost.

Harlan Ellison