Chris Miller

Neon City Radio

image by Midjourney

Welcome to Neon City Radio - a musical journey through the streets of the dark future.

My passion for all things cyberpunk has led me to create this project, which showcases the best of retro- and synth-wave, techno/industrial, classic from the past, and modern sounds. Whether you’re cruising the streets in your souped-up ride, or fighting your way through the neon-lit alleys, this music will provide the perfect soundtrack to your journey.

You can catch my two-hour program on, so tune in and let the music transport you to a world where cybernetic enhancements and futuristic technology are the norm. My love for the cyberpunk genre is reflected in every beat of the music, and I’m sure you’ll feel it too.

Socials: Fosstodon (Tech) | (RPGs)