Chris Miller

Savage Worlds Advancement Cheat Sheet

Earning Experience Points

Spending Advances

You can spend an Advance to:

  1. Gain a New Edge: Choose from a variety of special abilities to suit your character.

  2. Increase Skills: Increase a skill by one die type or two skills that are lower than their linked attribute by one die type each.

  3. Increase Attributes: Every other Advance (starting from the second), you can increase an attribute by one die type. No attribute can be increased more than once per Rank.

  4. Remove Hindrance: Reduce the effects of a Major Hindrance or remove a Minor Hindrance (requires GM permission).


Note: Some Edges have Rank prerequisites. Advancing in Rank opens up new options for character development.

Advancement Tips

  1. Plan Ahead: Look at available Edges and their prerequisites. Map out your character’s progression path.
  2. Balance Your Character: Invest in a mix of combat and non-combat skills and abilities.
  3. Focus on Character Over Power: Sometimes a Hindrance or a lower-ranked skill can make for a more interesting character!
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