So far, so good

I'm 24 hours in, and I feel pretty good. No caffeine headache from withdrawal yesterday, and I'll take that as a win. That was my biggest concern. I used to get terrible migraines if I missed my morning cup of joe. That didn't happen this time. I'm relieved.

I slept like a baby last night. Around 7:30 I started yawning and was out by 8:15, which is odd for me. Normally, I'm up pacing the house until at least 11pm. Not so, last night.

I'm curious to see what affect this has on my anxiety and depression. This past February I took medical leave for several weeks because I had an episode and needed rest and treatment. New meds regimen, new meditations, etc. And it's been helping,. but not as much as I would like. I suspect not taking in speed every day might help. What do you think? :)

A friend recommended Crio Bru to me as a replacement for coffee. It's ground roasted cacao beans and has less caffeine than decaf coffee. It's really delightful. I'm using it to replace my daily coffee ritual -- my cuppa when I sit on the back porch and listen to the news in the morning and a second after lunch. I take it with some almond milk creamer, and it's a treat.

And that brings me to the other two things I am giving up as part of this: dairy and sugar.

Sugar is pretty obvious...a man with type II diabetes should be managing his sugar intake as a matter of course. Sugar, however, makes me feel better -- until it doesn't. So this one is going to be tricky. After 24 hours I haven't had the cravings I was expecting, which means they are probably lying in wait for me today. Wish me luck.

Giving up dairy isn't about it being a addiction (well, not as strong an addiction as sugar, anyway). I have become lactose intolerant as I have gotten older. It is a major irritant which causes me to swell up like a balloon, makes my nasal passage close so I'm stuffy all the time, and has certain deleterious gastrointestinal effects that I won't detail here. The good news about this is that it forces me to break other patterns of eating because dairy cannot be a part of my diet. I've given up dairy in the past, and I've always felt better.

Of course...all of this...the cycle of stimulants and depressants, the sugar highs, etc all point to something I need to address: stress. More on that in future posts as I unpack that box.