Some questions

I'm reading The Shallows by Nick Carr, and the research he cites about the neuroplasticity of the brain has me thinking.

What is digital media (social media, video games, bingewatching) teaching our brains to do?

Is that learning in our personal or even societal best interests?

Who are we allowing to program our brains, and to what end?

How can we make sure the changes are positive?

How do we make these changes the best for our personal growth?

How do we sustain these changes in the face of ever more advanced and convenient technological rewards?

How do we act in our own best interests without the idea of going backward, that is, going back to a time before the good that comes with technology logical advancements but also before the bad? We cannot retreat to our childhoods, but can we make a better choice in how we deploy and employ technology?

The title of a Dead Kennedys album, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, keeps haunting me. One of the resistant arguments for adopting and engaging with new tech is that convenience factor. First: convenient for who? Second: how do we balance convenience with our own health and well-being?