Sympathy for the Deliveryperson

Every morning, I check to see where my packages are; Christmas presents, the result of retail therapy, whatever. I'm pretty sure the UPS, USPS, FedEx, Lasership, and DHL delivery folks know my address by heart at this point.

Checking the statuses of these packages, I can see the strain on the system. The place I see it is on their tracking APis/portals. Statuses are behind on updates, sometimes the systems are offline temporarily. I know how nerve-wracking a rush season can be from a technical standpoint, and believe me, these systems and people are approaching a level stress they've never seen before. COVID was already driving an unprecedented ordering boom. Add Christmas on top of that, and you have the proverbial perfect storm.

I have the deepest sympathies for everyone all along the chain of people working to make sure every package appears on my doorstep reasonably on time. Good luck, stay safe out there, and thank you for everything you are doing to make the holidays special this year.