Tuesday (But Really a Monday)

Good morning everyone.

Had a delightful four-day weekend and now I'm rested and refreshed for the week. While I cannot say that I am excited to get back to work, it will be good to talk to my staff, who I care about and respect. They are wonderful to work with and I am a lucky man.

This weekend was a useful meditation on why hobbies are essential and how satisfying doing projects around the house can be. I brewed a batch of beer (English Mild) on Sunday. I'd forgotten how nice it can be to have a project with a defined scope to work at for half the day. To say that I started and finished something in one day was pretty great. As I write this the yeast is turning that wort into beer, and it should be ready for drinking in about six weeks.

My son and I also ripped out the old green carpet from our upstairs hallway and staircase yesterday. It was a bit of work, but he was a big help and by the time we were finished the hardwood floors were showing again. They could use some refinishing, and I'll get to that in time. My son was a big help, I really couldn't have done it without him.

In other news, I'm getting old and by the end of the project yesterday I needed SO MUCH ADVIL.

Other things top of mind as we get back to the work week:

  • Biden campaign sign theft continues here in Medina County. A friend's 3' x 5' Biden banner was stolen from their property...didn't even make it 24 hours. People are awful.
  • It's been a week sing giving up caffeine and I feel good. I don't miss the rushed, panicky feeling I used to get from drinking too much coffee. I didn't realize how much it was causing me anxiety. My head is in a better place since giving it up.
  • Still working on the sugar reduction. Right now the only added sugar in my diet is the stroopwaffle that I have with my morning brew. It's nice start to the day and I don;t find myself craving sugar the rest of the day.
  • I'm down to zero dairy, which is helping the inflammation in my joints. Yay!

Finally, I've found the perfect morning drink. Two tablespoons of good decaf coffee, two tablespoons of Crio Bru, and good shake of cinnamon. Combine in a pour-over device and add 400ml of water at 205 degrees. Add cream/nut milk if you are in to that sort of thing.