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A tide of perambulators surges north along the crowded Broad Walk. Shaded glades stretch away to the northeast, and a hint of color marks the western edge of the Flower Walk. #infocomart #midjourney

I’ve been having a little fun with #Midjourney of late. I’ve been taking the first descriptive lines of Infocom text games and feeding them in as prompts. You can see the results so far here:…

Bonus post: Get Lamp #infocomart #midjourney

Playing Vendetta at Game Gather 2.


You stand at a point of decision on a road which makes a wide fork to the northeast and southeast, circling the base of the Lonely Mountain, which looms high overhead to the east. A very long and winding road starts here and stretches out of sight to the west through low, smoky hills. The sun is rising over the lands to the east. #infocomart #midjourney


You are on a wide lawn just north of the entrance to the Robner estate. Directly north at the end of a pebbled path is the Robner house, flanked to the northeast and northwest by a vast expanse of well-kept lawn. Beyond the house can be seen the lakefront. #infocomaty #midjourney


This nook is your spartan living quarters, containing only a bunk and a bureau. The only exit is to starboard. There is a tape library here. #infocomart #midjourney

Leather Goddesses of Phobos

Joe’s Bar: An undistinguished bar, yet the social center of Upper Sandusky. The front door is almost lost amidst the hazy maze of neon that shrouds the grimy glass of the south wall. Doors marked “Ladies” and “Gents” lead, respectively, northeast and northwest. #infocomart #midjourney

I can neither confirm nor deny that when using ChatGPT I ask it to respond in the style of Johnny Silverhand.


You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here. #infocomart #midjourney

Introducing Rust.NET

In recent years, Rust has gained popularity among developers for its performance, safety, and concurrency. Microsoft has announced the release of Rust for the .NET platform, a move that is expected to be well-received by the Rust community. With this release, developers will have access to all the features of Rust while leveraging the .NET ecosystem.

To make Rust more approachable for developers familiar with .NET languages, Microsoft plans to incorporate features of Visual Basic into Rust. The syntax will be simplified and more familiar, enabling developers to write code more easily.

Here are some code snippets demonstrating the integration of Visual Basic and Rust features:

// Declaring a variable using Rust and Visual Basic syntax
Dim mut count as i32 = 0;

// If-else statement with simplified syntax
If count < 10 {
   Debug.println!("Count is less than 10");
} else {
   Debug.println!("Count is greater than or equal to 10");

// For loop with Visual Basic-style syntax
for i in 0..10 {
    Debug.print!("{}", i);

// Try-catch block using simplified syntax
Declare match some_function() as String {
    Ok(value) => {
        // Do something with the value
    Err(error) => {
        Debug.println!("An error occurred: {}", error);

These code snippets demonstrate how incorporating Visual Basic features into Rust simplifies the syntax, making it easier to read and write. The use of simplified syntax can benefit developers who are already familiar with .NET languages and want to learn Rust.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s release of Rust for the .NET platform is expected to be well-received by the Rust community. The incorporation of Visual Basic features into Rust simplifies the syntax, making it more approachable for developers who are familiar with .NET languages. We are excited to see how this development will shape the future of systems programming on the .NET platform.

When I think about the possible horrors of #AI gone wrong, it’s not The Terminator that haunts me. It’s Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.”,_and_I_Must_Scream

Personally, I’m waiting for all the AI models to get their own Twitter accounts just to watch that dumpster fire as the interact with each other and the HOOMANS.

Someone bring some marshmallows.


I don’t think I can ethically participate in the AI future these tech people are so excited about. Where I can, I feel I have to resist.

Couldn’t sleep. Came downstairs to read at around 1:45a. Fifteen minutes later it was 3am and time changes feel weird.

Good morning all. Just sitting here with my coffee contemplating the State of Things. Think I may limit my intake of news for a few days. Being informed isn’t always great for my mental state.

Let’s be careful out there.

My new System76 Launch keyboard has arrived and I am pleased.

A ten-key-less launch keyboard

Good morning all. Final day if my vacation. I have a busy day of reading and play ahead of me. Yay!

Currently reading: Stormwatch by Warren Ellis 📚

Cris’s (‪‬ ) book about the hacking group L0pht is a must-read. I am truly enjoying it. As someone on the fringes of hacking community from those days, it is great to hear how all the work L0pht did came together. Space Rogue: How the Hackers Known as L0pht Changed the World by Cris Thomas 📚

Good morning, all. I’m still on a little vacation for my birthday, so no real plan for today. Making myself some leftover chicken cordon bleu for breakfast.

Currently reading: Space Rogue: How the Hackers Known as L0pht Changed the World by Cris Thomas 📚

My boss said to me yesterday that you can tell everything you need to know about a person by whether they prefer Indiana Jones or James Bond. She made a compelling case.

Making pulled pork in the crockpot today. Smells amazing. #cooking

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