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  • New Books! New Games!
    It’s been a good week for books and games in the Vermiller household. A number of new goodies have arrived. The big excitement is a game I kickstarted arrived. Vaesen is an RPG based on Nordic horror myths and legends. In the game, you and your party are a group of individuals in the 1800s. … Continue reading New Books! New Games!
  • Hello World #3
    Hello world, It’s been a minute. Here’s what up in my little world: The pandemic has been great for my gaming hobby. I’m in two D&D games, running two other D&D games, and am in a casual West Marches-style game of Pathfinder. And because there is nothing else on my social calendar, all of this … Continue reading Hello World #3
  • When Is It Okay
    The country has been intense of late. This weekend, I spent some time trying to relax a bit by playing a video game. The game was Expeditions: Viking. I spent hours pretending to be a viking thane from 800 A.D. protecting his hold from outside enemies. it was a pretty good time. There came a … Continue reading When Is It Okay