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  • Straight Outta Brunstucky
    My sophomore year of high school was eye-opening. It was the year I joined the men’s choir. It was the year I met Jason, Eric, Tim, and Bill. It was the year I started playing D&D. This was the year I started reading Tom Robbins and Kurt Vonnegut. It was the year I learned how […]
  • Good morning, friends…
    It’s been a while, I know. Cat and I have been hunkered in our bunker during the pandemic, making calls out to civilization for Amazon packages, take out food, and the occasional Zoom call for gaming with friends. This weekend is our fourth wedding anniversary, and we’re making an effort to detach from the usual […]
  • Tuesday (But Really a Monday)
    Good morning everyone. Had a delightful four-day weekend and now I’m rested and refreshed for the week. While I cannot say that I am excited to get back to work, it will be good to talk to my staff, who I care about and respect. They are wonderful to work with and I am a […]